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Ready to Get Possessed? Watch Telugu Horror Film Kanchana 3 forThrills and Chills

A few important criteria that go into determining a movie’s success aren’t only limited to its storyline and star power. It is all about the box office collections. The Tamil horror comedy Kanchana 3 collected ₹60 crores from Tamil Nadu alone and approximately ₹100 crores worldwide in the first week of its release alone, says an article on The Economic Times. It was strategically released during the extended Easter weekend and registered one of the biggest openings for Telegu movies as well.

Kanchana 3

Co-produced, written and directed by Raghav Lawrence, Kanchana 3 is the third installment of the Kanchana series and the 4th of the highly popular Muni series. The movie begins with great energy and brings about a freshness that Telegu horror movies have been missing for a few years before 2019. What makes this particular movie stand out from the crowd is that it does not follow the standard rules of a horror flick. It goes on to produce its own logic of spookiness and thrills.

The plot of the movie revolves around Raghava, who along with his family, lands in Coimbatore for a family event. All his cousins start witnessing scary incidents,which culminate in Raghava getting possessed. A character called Kaali emerges, who refuses to listen to an evil minister, Shankar, and is, therefore, killed by him and his brother, Bhavani.

Along with Kaali, his lover, Rosy, and their ashramfor children with disabilities is also ruined. The rest of the story shows howKaali narrates his story to Raghava’s family and draws sympathy from them.Raghava lets Kaali into his own body and helps him to avenge his death.

The entire film rests on Lawrence’s shoulders because he executes both the roles of Kaali and Raghava flawlessly. His performance in the transformation scenes of Raghava to Kaalihas been well executed, which is one of the major plus points of the movie. The movie is a perfect blend of comedy and horror, which keeps fans entertained throughout.

Kanchana and Kanchana 2 had brilliant performances by Sarath Kumar and NithyaMenen. While in the first film, Sarath Kumar gave us a mindblowing performance as a transgender seeking revenge, in the sequel, NithyaMenen seeks revenge after being killed mercilessly. These flashbacks were a major hit of Kanchana 3 and collected praises from family audiences and others in general. If you’ve missed any of these horror movies, you can watch them online.

Technical Aspects
Talking in terms of grandeur, budget and production value, Kanchana 3has achieved it all. The three heroines of the movie, Oviya, Vedhika and Nikki Tamboli,have given fairly decent performances and leave a lasting impression even with their limited screen presence. The direction is impressive too, keeping up to the phenomenal hype the prequels had created. The cinematography is also worth mentioning, along with the night-time effects, which have been captured quite efficiently. There is a short stunt sequence too, where the hero is shown fighting off 100 people and defeating them in the end. The sound effects and the music used do a great job to startle the audience and actually scare them when the ghost is seen on screen. There are great songs and Raghava matches his racy steps to them and shines in every number.

The movie very efficiently offers a fair mix of horror, action and drama, and the humour evokes a good laugh too. Kovai Sarala, Sriman and Devadarshini do a good job with their comedy tracks.

Online music portal,DooPaaDoo, owned by lyricist MadhanKarky, has said that the movie would have songs from 6 different music directors throughout the DooPaaDoo platform. Thaman SS, who had composed the music for Kanchana and Kanchana 2 has worked for the music of this film too.

Overall, Kanchana 3is a movie that is full of a mix of horror and Soori’s comedy, which acts as a break from the ghosts, screams and occasional shocks!Although the film has been receiving mixed reviews, it is surely worth a watch.

Cast:Raghava Lawrence as Raghava and Kaali, Vedhika as Priya, Oviya as Kavya, Nikki Tamboli as Divya,Kovai Sarala as Raghava’s mother, Soori as Govindan, Tarun Arora as Shankar, KabirDuhan Singh as Bhawani.
Duration: 3 Hours 5 Minutes

If you are in a mood to watch Telegu horror movies online, Kanchana 3 could be a great choice.You can watch the full movie online in Telegu on premium streaming platforms.

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