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When Would You Like Several Magicians to use?

Considering magicians to employ for your forthcoming corporate event or private party? It is sometimes difficult to know the number of magicians to employ as well as for how lengthy. Here’s top tips.

“Always departing your audience wanting more”

Getting viewed magicians perform for several years it’s obvious that some really do not know when you should stop. I’ve come across categories of people move from being totally motivated to downright board simply because the magician has remained too lengthy.

Performing within the right atmosphere but for the right period of time is the way to guarantee the best impact.

Below are great tips on the number of magicians to employ

If you would like magicians to entertain your visitors in small groups it really comes lower to figures. For those who have several hundred people it’s unlikely that the magician can get round all of them.

Should i be working in a banquet with lots of tables I’d anticipate getting round ten to 15 throughout the meal. If you have twenty tables you will need to consider two magicians to employ rather of 1.

This is actually the living room at Devonshire house working in london. It holds more than one hundred tables and it is employed for a few of the greatest award events and company functions. The big event organisers know that they’ll need a minimum of eight magicians to employ when they want all of the tables covered.

Typically the purpose with have around a hundred people and in these instances one magician is sufficient to hire.

Sometimes I’m requested to operate at small occasions with ten to twenty guests in. In these instances I attempt and limit time. I frequently execute a cabaret style performance for the visitors simultaneously. Even though the performance is shorter the visitors appear more magic and usually it is a lot more fun if everybody is watching simultaneously.


So in most cases I’ll work by myself however, if the event is big I’ll always suggest that another or third magician attends. Therefore if your event is in excess of a hundred people you should think about two magicians to employ or three if required.

With regards to small figures keep in mind that less in some instances is much more. If your magician performs for the best period of time she or he leaves your visitors inspired and exhilarated, too lengthy and also the magic will fade.

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